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radical aging workshop

whether you are 30 or 50, your relationship with aging is shaped largely by narratives you didn’t choose. our cultural narratives and media have taught us that aging diminishes our value, our beauty, and our spirit. radical aging is about choosing our own narratives and approaching aging with deep love and intention. it’s not about tolerating aging, but embracing it, celebrating it, and giving ourselves grace as we painstakingly undo our culture's deep obsession with youth.

this program is appropriate for adults of all ages. if you are already feeling the aging process, this is the perfect time to bring intention into your aging journey. if you are just beginning to anticipate your aging, you have an opportunity to shape your entry into early aging and create a practice that will flex with you as you age.

the program includes 8 90-minute weekly zoom sessions. this is a highly interactive, discussion-based program with 1-2 hours of independent reflections and exercises each week. 


  • module 1: explore your relationship with and attitude towards aging, set intentions for your aging process.


  • module 2: explore your relationship with your body and what good health means to you. how can you befriend your body and create health and pleasure practices that evolve with you as you age?

  • module 3: explore companionship and community - what kind of connections do you desire, who are your partners on this journey, and how will you engage them in your intentional aging practices?

  • module 4: rewrite narratives about age cohorts and explore how this impacts your connection to community, society, and the planet. how can your radical aging journey benefit others?

  • module 5: dive deeper into intentional aging practices, develop a long-term vision, a short-term map, and a daily practice to support you on your journey.

  • module 6: tying it all together, complete your Radical Aging Manifesto and commit to an ongoing mindful aging practice.

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