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Purple Flower

come home to your body, your pleasure, and your power with somatic homecoming practices

somatic sex coaching
sexological bodywork
embodied consent practices

are you ready to be at home in your body? sexological bodywork centers somatic practices focused on enhancing your ability to be in and aware of your body, ground in your curiosity, practice radical and loving self-regard, and exercise your voice. customizing our work to your unique needs, we can explore

  • body:identity exploration & integration

  • body re:awakening & libido support

  • embodied consent and relational intimacy practices

  • befriending a changing body (transition, menopause, illness, injury, age)

  • gender:body euphoria

  • transition support

  • pre and post surgical embodiment and nerve reeducation (special emphasis on gender affirmation, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction procedures)

  • body mapping and pleasure practices

  • building a powerful self-pleasure practice

  • releasing shame and navigating trauma

  • exploring grief in the body

  • rediscovering your body’s intuition

  • your body as a gateway to belonging

if your journey calls for it, our work together can include one-way, client-directed touch in service to your learning. all touch is conducted in accordance with the ethical code of the ACSB.

curious how this work may be part of your homecoming?

psychedelic support

let’s explore how intentional psychedelic practice may support your growth and wellness. for both experienced practitioners and newcomers, our work will be tailored to your specific needs and interests and may include

  • how psychedelics might support you, your body, and your identity

  • psychedelic safety

  • building a microdosing protocol

  • deepening psychedelic practice with intention and integration

  • ceremonial preparation

  • psychedelic navigation skills

  • building a daily integration practice

  • integrating your psychedelic experiences

  • discernment and making life changes

  • pleasure practices for integration

curious how psychedelics may be part of your homecoming?

radical wellness

let’s look beyond societal notions of wellness and consider what wellness looks like for you. we’ll identify your unique wellness constellation, the tells that let you know when you’re out of balance, and actions you can take to support yourself even on the toughest days. in this practice, we explore


  • what wellness means for you

  • self talk awareness

  • grace & radical acceptance

  • your ecosystems (your mind/body ecosystem, your social ecosystems)

  • what balance looks like

  • how you’ll know when to take action and when to give yourself a break

  • making bigger changes

  • building systems of support

  • befriending yourself and your body

  • how your wellness supports your activism and community involvement

  • practicing wellness to change the system

curious how a radical wellness practice may be part of your homecoming?

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